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CronSchedule - Optional cron schedule for workflow. If a cron schedule is specified, the workflow will run as a cron based on the schedule. The scheduling will be based on UTC time. Schedule for next run only happen after the current run is completed/failed/timeout. If a {@see RetryPolicy} is also supplied, and the workflow failed or timeout, the workflow will be retried based on the retry policy. While the workflow is retrying, it won't schedule its next run. If next schedule is due while workflow is running (or retrying), then it will skip that schedule. Cron workflow will not stop until it is terminated or canceled.
Specifies a retry policy for a workflow or activity method. This annotation applies only to activity or workflow interface methods. For workflows currently used only for child workflow retries. Not required. When not used either retries don't happen or they are configured through correspondent options. If {@see RetryOptions} are present on {@see ActivityOptions} or {@see ChildWorkflowOptions} the fields that are not default take precedence over parameters of this attribute/annotation.
Note that the history of activity with retry policy will be different:
A static helper class that implements the logic for generating UUID 4 based on RFC 4122.
Identifies the version(s) of a worker that processed a task


Defines how new runs of a workflow with a particular ID may or may not be allowed. Note that it is *never* valid to have two actively running instances of the same workflow id.
Defines what to do when trying to start a workflow with the same workflow id as a *running* workflow.

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